Why Join The BraVoMark® Community?


Opportunities – As a BraVoMark® community blogger, influencer, or creator you will be provided with periodic opportunities to apply for work based on brand requirements. This means you can earn income for doing what you love.



Community – We encourage our community to work together and share experiences, outside opportunities, and help each other out when needed. Collaboration within the eco-system is the best way to have an amazing group experience.



Easy Invoicing – Invoicing is made easy through PayPal invoices or Freshbooks allowing for a quick turnaround and for simple accountability.




On Time Payments – Each campaign outlines the expected payment times and BraVoMark® strives to always meet or exceed the payment delivery. On most occasions payments are made before the expected payment date depending on payment from the brand.



Ethics – Unlike some other communities, you will never be banned or excluded for working with other groups, communities, or campaigns. It is BraVoMark’s® belief that everyone deserves to earn a living from their passion, without having to choose a single income source.



Transparency – Every community member will be paid a fair price for their work based on the campaign’s negotiated rate. BraVoMark® provides the opportunity, negotiates with the brand, evaluates applications, manages the campaign, verifies each link, communicates with chosen influencers and brands, and manages billing and payments.



Fair Application Process – Everyone in the community is provided an equal opportunity to apply for relevant opportunities. No community member will be turned away from applying if they meet the campaign requirements. Most brands choose the influencers for their campaigns from the list of applicants.




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