laptop-943558_640If you are like most companies, finding new prospects or customers is at the top of your business goals. Today, companies are finding new ways to market through social media, online communities, and individual blogs. These new methods are introducing people to products and services they may not have been subjected to otherwise. What this means for companies looking to spread the word about their product or service is that bloggers are great for business.


1Social Influence

One thing we know in business is that word of mouth and referrals not only increase sales but they also create loyalty. For this reason, social influence is gaining ground in targeted marketing efforts.

The term blogger has evolved over time and most bloggers are now known or seen as social influencers. Most people would agree that this is a better description over the term blogger, as most social influencers have loyal followers across their blogs and social media channels.

For companies that work with bloggers or social influencers this means that their products or services are seen by those loyal followers, shared, and repeated providing an honest grass roots type approach to marketing.


2. Creating Discussion

cloud-709089_640There is nothing better than conversation around your product or solution. By utilizing blog posts and social media to market, you are creating conversations that you can see. Unlike traditional advertising, blogs and social media can be extremely interactive. This means you can get real-time feedback and view conversations in action.




3. Affordable Marketing

piggy-bank-1595992_640Traditional advertising methods such as print, television, and radio have a ton of potential but can be very expensive and can quickly eat through a marketing budget. Finding affordable ways to market products and services can be challenging and though most brands know that social media is an effective solution it can be tough to stay consistent and gain followers. This is where working with bloggers/social influencers makes it easy.

Often times for less than a traditional marketing or advertising campaign you can get hundreds or even thousands of blogger/social influencers to write about your solution and share information across their social media channels. This makes working with bloggers one of the most affordable methods of marketing. On top of being affordable, blog marketing is a great long-term investment. Typically a blog post about your product or service will remain on the blog and on social media for the life of the site.


If you are looking for new ways to market your business or are interested working with a community of blogger/social influencers, Email our team today!