Blogging and social influence has been a great way to earn an income for a number of years and it continues to grow. As more brands begin to recognize the power of bloggers to spread the word about their products and services, opportunities for brands to work with influencers has great potential. No matter if you are blogging part time or making it a full time career, the wage you can earn even when it initially appears small can be much larger upon closer examination. Let’s look at the actual numbers to show you just how much money you can make as a blogger/social influencer without asking for out of this world payments.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “I built a brand, I have significant followers, and there is a value to doing that!” You are correct and I would never disagree with that, but it is also one thing to make a great living and another to expect Kim Kardashian money, wouldn’t you agree?

What’s interesting is when you really break down the numbers, many paid campaigns are bringing home wages that are comparable to what a doctor or lawyer makes, which ain’t too shabby if you ask me. We have included a very simple blogger wage calculator for you to see just how much money bloggers can make. Here are a few example scenarios of typical blog jobs/campaigns you may see in the industry to give you some ideas. Use the Blogger Wage Calculator to input campaign payment and total minutes to complete job to get your expected hourly wage.


Scenario A:

Blog Post Campaign Pays $150

Images and Links are provided

Write 350 words – Approximately 3 paragraphs (average 40 minutes)

2 Social Shares  (2-3 minutes)

Copy All Links and Report Information (5-7 minutes)

Total Time Approximately (50 minutes)


Scenario B:

Social Share Campaign Pays $10

Share prewritten message to social network (2 minutes)

Copy Social Link Report Information (2 minutes)

Total Time Approximately (4 Minutes)



Scenario C:

Product Review Campaign Pays $100 + $100 product  ($200)

Setup and try product (varies – 20 minutes for this example)

Provide 1-3 Images (10 minutes)

Write 200 Word Product Review (20 minutes)

2 Social Shares  (2-3 minutes)

Copy All Links and Report Information (5-7 minutes)

Total Time Approximately (60 minutes)




The scenarios above are examples of potential campaigns, but the formula and calculator works the same no matter what  the payment and time to complete are. The calculator can help you determine how much you are making or what your potential is to make on any opportunities you may come across. As you can see, the potential for bloggers and influencers to make great hourly wages is easily realized.

Being a blogger provides fantastic opportunities to work from home, make your own hours, and earn a fantastic living. If you want to make blogging a full time career, the key is to work as consistently as possible, and compare payments to hourly wages to give you the best perspective on salary and expected earnings.