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Connecting Bloggers With Brands To Meet Specific Influencer Marketing Goals

If you are looking for a blogger community to work with for your influencer marketing, BraVoMark® is your solution. Our influencer community can help to bring awareness and a social approach to your product or service. By providing an end to end solution we can help you become more efficient by finding the right influencers, handling blogger management, managing billing, verifying links and content, and becoming a single point of contact.


person on computer providing Influencer marketingUnique Content – Unique blog content is a great way to engage with readers and get focused attention for your brand or product. Our community of influencers will write about your solution from their unique perspective and provide the link of your choice to promote traffic to your site or landing page.



content-1315878_640Pre-Written Content – If you would like to develop and provide the messaging that goes out on influencer sites, then pre-written content is for you. We will deliver the content that you provide to social influencers and they will share the pre-written content on their sites and chosen platforms.



tree-1574165_640Social Media Shares – Social media has become a great way to promote products, solutions, and messages in an interactive way. Our creators will share your message to their followers to create a social buzz on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.



Twitter Parties – If you are looking for live interaction, Q&A’s, or a fun and exciting way to launch your product or create awareness; a twitter party may be just what you are after. A twitter party is an easy way to get a focus group together in a live setting (on Twitter) and discuss or promote the topics of your choice to a targeted group.



Product Reviews – Do you have a product or service that could benefit your business by being reviewed? With product reviews you can get real reviews and feedback from our influencer marketing network about their experience with your product. A review is a great way to drive traffic to your product and provides a word of mouth approach to marketing your product or service.



ads-1663031_640Website Advertising – Are you looking to place targeted ads on influential websites to drive traffic? Whether you are looking to place ads in a sidebar, header, footer, or within content on a site, our team can help. By placing your ad code on site you can gain visibility, traffic, and brand awareness.



overcome-1403734_640Giveaway Promotions – Giveaways provide a fast way to create traffic and boost visibility to your product or solution. Our content creators can host a giveaway and share it to their social networks to give maximum visibility. Giveaways can have unique requirements, such as visit a site or like or follow a page for additional entries. This makes giveaway promotions an easily measurable solution.




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“The Bravomark team was great to work with. The process of working with 25 bloggers was streamlined with a single support contact. We got a great variety of blogs with great photos and content to promote. And FAST….” – Leigh Thornberry – Director of Marketing – Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin, LLC.


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BraVoMark provides an easy and affordable way for brands and companies like yours to spread the word about your product or solution. With our growing community of creators (currently in the thousands of influencers), we can be sure to meet the demographics and targeted needs of your campaign through a number of delivery methods.